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Videos Week 2

Here is song 8, an acoustic guitar song with effects and sound clips (Glance Dream). This is the first song daily of the 2nd week.

On a mid-week roll, song 9 (Bounce Ups) is a guitar-acoustic tune.

(note - YouTube said the format was invalid in the original below... the version above is a repost)

Song 10 is a good guitar-ish tune with a nice video.

And the weekdays finish up with a jazzy layered guitar song video:

And now for something a little different - vocals - with the song Love Pipeline.

The song lucky 13 is Cool Path, and is a quickly-produced song with an uptempo groove.

And the second week finishes out with a fast-paced song with a little vocal action for emphasis. Rare Chase features a nature-filled video with deer and blue herons.

The bottom video is set up to play in a little larger player.