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023 Right Now

the songs keep piling up... easier and easier every day! Very nice feeling to crank them out.

This song is a positive-feeling song in the realm of random thoughts while feeling good, but also thinking a little about something else. In other words, make what you will of it, and enjoy.

  the way you move
the way you smile
the things you think
to throw outside
the little window
closing down
around me
  you say you fool
don't play in school
learn everything
then you can hide
the brittle wind blowing
through the frowns and
astound me

right now I'm beside myself
inside a dream
Somewhere else you're right
beside me
in need

I may be cool
and stray from rules
with a little wink
on late late nights
grinding pride
in streets my town
had found me

in need.

Tech notes: same basic setup as most of this month's songs... but combining acoustic/steel guitar as pad (chords) with electric guitar solo. Used Sony Acid 7 to mix it, tweaking the reverb/EQ on the vocals a bit.