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Song Daily - intro videos

The day 1 song (Kindness Yet) is part of the kickoff video, shown below.

The day 2 song (Independence Days) is a reworking of an older song... the video uses random clips that seemed to fit in. Except that publishing (using Windows Movie Maker) caused some scenes to mysteriously drop out.

The day 3 song (Hand Air) was an original, using a drum loop and other percussive samples, that had some technical challenges. Frustration with song creation led to a video with a little abstractive feel.

The day 4 song (i say) is an original, based on some sample drum & vocal loops with live synth overdubs.

Okay, now with day 5's song (Step Signs) it is getting to be clear that after the first week it will be time to start another page of videos. It's a more layered sound than the first songs, and the video is multi-layered as well.

The day 6 daily song (Collection Switch) is a mix of clips in a mid-tempo classic rock theme.

The week finishes up with day 7's song (Rent Cat) which has higher energy, nice flow, and a matching video of nature clips and some wildlife (is a beach seagull really full-fledged wildlife?)

In case it gets moved/changed later, here is a link to where the videos will live:

SongDaily on Youtube

And here's a player with all of the week 1 videos: