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021 In Love (Valentine Song #1)

This song is more upbeat, maybe feeling good about doing a song per day for 3 weeks? It's a bit of early warming to the upcoming Valentine's Day mood, an international day of love.

Lyrics... further down on the page. The free mp3 download of the song is also available, below the word Attachment.

Tech Notes: recorded using a Voxx DA5 for guitar effects, dry vocals (what, no reverb? The horror! Oh, you forgot...?), Sony Acid 7 running on an HP laptop.

020 Run Away

The end of the first 3 weeks of songs is almost here...

This song is a vocal, sort of about a summer romance.

Tech notes: live guitar and vocals, drum loops, Sony ACID 7.

019 To Fly

This vocal was inspired a little by Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World... which I had listened to earlier in the day.

Using layered drum loops and original steel string guitar, the song has a relaxed vibe.

The free mp3 download of the song is available below the word Attachement (under the video).

To Fly

you're here
traveling down low
somebody pushed you there
but you can get up, oh

So many ways, to fly
when you know how to go
you feel and it's alright

in the wind you may fall
when you're down, you know
down's nothing at all

018 Blind Trust

This was somewhat not finished as time was running out... sort of a continuation of yesterday's theme. The video was a little lazy as well. Optimistic after 18 songs in 18 days that there will be 366 as the year ends. And most of them with lyrics, like the song today.

Song download will appear below, like magic.

Tech notes: same as yesterday, except some of the guitar riffs were loops.

017 Open Again

Funny how equipment works when you pay better attention... nice when that happens, too. The song today is longer than other early ones, and is a vocal. The format (songwriter-speak here) is V-B-C-V which is a first for me. Maybe ever?

The lyrics will be posted... or maybe in the members area.

The free download mp3 file should appear below the word Attachment... first I have to trim off a few extra seconds at the end.

016 Move Point

Continuing on with more electric guitar... with no vocals... and equipment that doesn't want to always work... it's song number 16. It was fun to work with the guitar today... but then the input started giving bleeps and squeaks and so the song-making was sort of done early!

The free mp3 download version is available below the word Attachment.

Tech notes: Sony Acid software, HP laptop, DA5 for guitar effects, Windows Movie Maker for the video.

015 The World

Starting off the third week with the 3rd vocal (depending on what is a vocal!). The song features live guitar, vocals, and layered drum loops.

The free download of the mp3 version of this song is available below the video, under the word Attachment.

Tech notes: HP laptop running Sony Vegas 7, an Epiphone electric guitar (it works again! Yay!). The guitar was run through a Vox DA5, and the vocals worked better dry with the Acid effects to add some "club" reverb and a touch of EQ. (Remember, I am not an engineer, and I didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night).

014 Rare Chase

Okay, so now it's the end of week #2. This song is a fast loop-based song with live vocal interjections overlaid... with a little reverb.

The free mp3 download is available below the video and tech notes.

Tech notes: Used Sony Acid 7, and some loops, with live vocals recorded. The reverb was part from a Vox DA5 and also added via the Acid plugin for audio effects.

013 Cool Path

The song today is a jazzy quick piece that features loops of guitar and piano.

The free download in mp3 format is below the video (under the word Attachment).

Tech notes: Done using Sony Acid 7 on an HP laptop (Vista) and some loops.

012 Love Pipeline (vocal)

The weekend hit the chance to do a vocal - the first of the year.

Tech notes: Vocals run through a Vox DA5 and then into an HP laptop running Vista and SONY Acid 7.

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