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Song Daily setting up shop

Okay, after a last-minute flash to do this in 2008, the domain has been set up to be a platform to publish songs, and adding the ability to allow site members to vote on the songs they prefer.

Lots more work to do on setup... but hey, it's new year's day and it's time to crank out song #1. Or take a nap. Inspiration is all around, and it's at least a clear sunny day to start this off!

001 Kindness Yet

The first song of the 365 songs for Song Daily 2008! It's an instrumental guitar rework and recap of Auld Lang Syne, the new year song. It's a little rough - okay very rough - and was recorded on a living room chair in a haste-makes-waste recording setup. Figure it will be reworked during the year to improve and strengthen the mix.

The file KindnessYet.mp3 (5MB) should be available via this post for downloading & listening. Enjoy!

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