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011 Gear Stitch

Friday's song for this week is guitar-layered loops, with a small live guitar touch played on top. After making it, and almost done with the video, the computer went into a total freeze-state with a brown pattern on the screen. Not much lost except time and confidence in hardware & software.

The free downloadble mp3 song version is available below the word Attachment, under the video.

Tech notes: Used Sony Acid 7, some loops, a Yamaha guitar, and the sound of the tv almost made it into the background. Computer is an HP laptop.

010 Finding Undercurrents

Enjoy the song as the collection now gets into the double digits.

You can download the free mp3 version of the song at the link below the word Attachment (under the video).

Tech notes: done using Sony Acid 7, some nice loops, and an old Fender steel string guitar.

009 Bounce Ups

This song is a mid-week bouncy tune, with drum loops, acoustic clips, and some live guitar overdubs.

The free mp3 song download is available below the video (under the word Attachment).

Tech notes: The guitar added in was a Fender, which I just realized has a 1/4 inch guitar cord so future songs may have better tone. The software used was Song ACID 7.

008 Glance Dream

The second week kicks off with this acoustic guitar original music.

Download link for the free mp3 version appears below the video (under the word Attachment).

Tech notes: found my mic after one week of using cheesy webcam-quality mics. Now a true studio mic, run through the Vox DA5 for monophonic effects, makes recording guitar with more fidelity possible.

007 Rent Cat

Whew! Made it through a week of 2008 doing a song per day. Sights still full on set for 366 songs published in 2008. And on the David Letterman show there was Tom Hanks saying his new year's resolution was to exercise a total of 300 days this year. (He said that leaves 65 days to be sick, etc., but he left out the extra day for leap year [unless he loses a day by flying around the world like I did last year]).

006 Collection Switch

Almost wrapped up in the first week, and getting quicker at putting things together.

Today's song (Collection Switch) is based on loops, and no live overdubs. So faster may not be more "live" but that's where it landed today. The song is rock-oriented, with electric guitar hooks.

The song download - free mp3 version (2 MB) is available via the link appearing below the word "Attachment" (below the video).

Tech notes: Sony ACID guiding the tracks from Jade Hill and others. Video is mixed - as were the first 5 days - using Windows Movie Maker.

005 Step Signs

Never made it to the music equipment shop today... wanted new gear (!) of course. This song uses old samples, new ideas, and builds a little by little until near the end.

Step Signs was done in a shorter time than some of the previous songs, partially due to having done songs every day for four days as a warmup.

The free mp3 song (2.5 MB) is available below the word "Attachment" under the video.

Tech Notes: blah blah pretty much same as song 004, except no D-50. Used the Acoustic guitar for some backup tones.

004 I Say

Bought a new audio mixer to help get some more sounds into the mix... patched in a synthesizer and still had problems tracking it into the computer (delays in how the sounds line up).

But hey, it's Friday night and now there are four songs done. "I Say" is a laid back swing-beat 60's improv-feeling piece. Should be longer, and maybe will be.

The song (MP3) can be downloaded for free below the video, under the word "Attachment".

003 Hand Air

Is it a song? Or just a work-in-progress? Song #3 was challenged by an electric guitar that stopped working (pickup went bad) and also tryout of a new small computer microphone that chopped off sounds. Switching to an acoutic Fender guitar helped fill in some blanks, but then it was getting a little late in the game.

The video is interesting... had more fun with that.

The mp3 is downloadable via the link under the word "Attachment", below the video.

002 Independence Daily

1/2/2008 - The second song for the project. This is a reworking of an original done years ago... grabbed the MP3 and added live guitar overdubs.

The mp3 version (5MB) is available via the link under the word "Attachment" farther below.

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