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028 One More Day

The lyrics and free mp3 song download are below. The video rendering is still an issue, for now.

One More Day
Lyrics (c) 2008

she smiles her wierd smile
and then gives up on me
cause of what I could do

then she says the words
to give me
one more day
a love to stay

it's a long mile
and one that's up to me
if one side can undo

'cause she finds the strength
to give me
one more day
a love to stay

Tech notes: Sony Acid 7, HP laptop, drum & guitar loops, vocals added.


This song is

026 On Valentines Day (song)

The romantic song about hope for Valentine's Day. Free mp3 download is available below the word Attachment.

On Valentine's Day

finding my path back to you
there's nothing funny about this sad truth
when you love me
and i love you
and distance is in the way

on Valentine's Day

025 Closer To

Now more than halfway to song #50... closer to it. This song has one verse/chorus, and is a bit experimental.

closer to

everything is fear
until it can appear
bring it ever closer
to you

closer to you

(c) 2008 Song Daily

024 Life On

Two dozen songs so far in 2008... short ones, shorter ones, vocal ones too.

This song is a little less vocal-ly oriented... a little soreness in the throat, perhaps? Rest up and get better... life goes on.

023 Right Now

the songs keep piling up... easier and easier every day! Very nice feeling to crank them out.

This song is a positive-feeling song in the realm of random thoughts while feeling good, but also thinking a little about something else. In other words, make what you will of it, and enjoy.

  the way you move
the way you smile
the things you think
to throw outside
the little window
closing down
around me

022 To Know

A vocal about knowing what is the real deal in living life...


To Know
(c) 2008

it's all you and me
and everything
we choose to see

and don't run
to some belief
when you could
look inside to find your peace

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