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041 Look

Another no video no lyric song, hi-energy experimental.

Tech Notes: Made with Sony ACID Xpress 5, drum loops, guitar clips, and other sounds.









036 No Name

changing format a bit, and no name or vocals or video (yet) for this song.

035 Cool Dreaming

What to do... when my voice is not up for smooth singing? Many retakes, and a huskier tone, perhaps

Cool dreaming
Lyrics (c) 2008

a concious all undone
knocking on your door
comes something of a friend
inside your place once more

cool dreaming
a shadow hides
in thoughts just
for a while
cool dreaming
waking up
to catch him/it
with a smile

taking all the warm air
skin to tear apart
in cold coat of feeling
with pockets for the heart

cool dreaming
a shadow hides
in thoughts just
for a while

cool dreaming
waking up

034 There's A Place

A longer song than most earlier ones, with more of a regular song structure of V-C-V-C-B-C. Took more than 3 times as long to record as it did to write... writing was about 20 minutes.

There's A Place
Lyrics (c) 2008

Can you feel the way I feel you?
Is there any witness to the
thoughts you hide inside?
And could you go a little faster
in your haste
Arriving late but just in time
to change?

There's a place I have to go now
the wind is calling with a cry
that echoes round and r ound
The sweet sounds of home calling
The sweetness of home


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